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A structured format journaling app where you can change the structure.

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Even those who are very successful have their down days. No matter who you are you are, regardles of where you are or what you have, you have plenty to be grateful for. Being grateful will keep you positive and walk through life with a calm piece of mind.


Keep track of the special moments that happen each day, whether big or small. Be able to look back on what you did a month ago and reflect.


Track your work each day and see that you are making progress towards your goals.

Customizable Prompts

Setup your journal exactly how you want it. Make sure you are asking yourself the right questions. Make sure you are working towards your personal goals

Multiple Journals in One

Use it for a Diary, Idea log, Grocery List, Fitness log. You name it, you can build it . There are countless number of ways to use Custom Journal.

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Custom Journal comes with preloaded templates for your convenience. Modify them as you wish.